IYB Tech Support

IT Infra Technical Support

(IT 시스템 기술지원)

해결되지 않는 IT 이슈가 있습니까 ?

IYB Tech에서 그 해결책을 찾아 드리겠습니다.

IT 이슈의 근원은 H/W, Firmware, Software, Application, 
Business Process and/or Business Model 중에 숨어 있습니다.


30 여년간 마이크로소프트사의 운영체제 한글화부터
한국최초 국산 LAN card등 네트워크 장비 개발, 대형 ERP 개발 프로젝트, 
Business Process Innovation과 비즈니스 모델링 컨설팅
경험을 바탕으로 IT 관련된 모든 이슈에 대한 
해결책을 찾아 드리겠습니다.

IT Technical Service & Support Area
  • IT Infrastructure

    • Network Cabling

    • Internet Service Setup

    • WAN/LAN Equipment Setup

    • Wi-Fi Network Setup

    • IP Telephone System Setup


  • Server Systems

    • E-Mail (Google for Work, Office 360)

    • Hosting (Google Cloud Platform)

    • Cloud Computing (Google Cloud Platform)

    • System and Data Backup & Recovery

    • Storage Servers/Network Attached Storage

    • Rack Systems & UPS/Power Protection


  • Information Security

    • Firewall/Proxy

    • Anti-Virus

    • IP-CCTV / Video Door bell

    • Door Access (Badge System)


  • H/W

    • Notebooks/Desktops/Tablet (Android)

    • Chromebook/Chrome Desktop/Chrome Box

    • Monitors/Displays/Printers


  • Multi Media

    • Presentations/LCD Projector

    • Video Conferencing (Cisco, Google for Work - Hangout, Skype)

  • IT Application Development

    • Intranet System (Microsoft SharePoint / Web & MySQL)

    • HR Payroll, Accounting System

    • Microsoft Office 365, Google for Work

    • DB and Web Application

    • Android & Apple Apps

    • Microsoft VBA for Excel


  • Construction Site IT Infrastructure setup , O & M 

    • Planning, Designing, and Deploy

    • Operation and Maintenance


IYB Technical Service & Support Rates


  • Monday thru Friday:

    • All incurred in-office time will be invoiced, MINIMUM SERVICE CHARGE WHICH INCLUDES THE FIRST 2 HOURS IS $400.00,. AFTER THE FIRST TWO HOURS WORK THE CHARGE WILL BE $105.00 PER HOUR. For all consecutive in-office hours over eight, up to and including twelve, a $55.00 premium charge will be added to the $105.00 per hour rate.

  • Saturday and Sunday:

    • All incurred in-office time will be invoiced, AFTER HOURS IS CONSIDERED TO BE WEEKEND, HOLIDAY AND ALL CALLS RESPONDED TO AFTER 5:00 PM DAILY. THE MINIMUM OVERTIME RATE IS $600.00, WHICH INCLUDES THE FIRST TWO HOURS. AFTER THE FIRST TWO HOURS THE CHARGE WILL BE $160.00 PER HOUR. No additional premium charges will be made for in-office hours over eight.



  • All Service and Installation Charges, including travel and living expenses for the Field Service Technician, will be invoiced in U.S. dollars upon completion of the work. Payment terms are NET 15 days, payable in U.S. funds.



  • Monday thru Friday:

    • All incurred travel time will be invoiced, in one hour increments, at $55.00 per hour.

  • Saturday and Sunday:

    • All incurred travel time will be invoiced, in one hour increments, at $80.00 per hour.



  • All repair work will be charged at the following rates.

  • IN-HOUSE Service:

    • $70.00 per hour for technician time $50.00 per hour for other personnel (wiring, assembly, etc.)


*Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.


IYB TECH: Jan. 2018